About Us

Hi! Welcome to my shop! My name is Madeleine and I'm an Xcel Diamond gymnast in Maryland.

Although I have been crafting since I was very young, my passion for making gymnastics gifts started during quarantine. I created my signature product, the 3D silhouette, by accident as I experimented with my 3D printer. It was then when I realized that gymnastics products typically only featured silhouettes of a single body type yet gymnasts are all built differently with their own strengths.

Rooting this idea in all of my products, I hope that my shop's custom created gifts will empower each and every gymnast. Self confidence is essential to a gymnast's success and that is why I am committed to showcasing each individual through their unique silhouette...and never through the generic gymnast image.

In just a couple of years, my passions for crafting and gymnastics have grown from just a hobby to a small business-selling in various gyms and nationally through my website. By offering something new to the gymnastics community, I hope that I inspire other gymnasts to start their own business!

Gymnast Made. Made for Gymnasts.

- Madeleine

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  • Settling into my dorm at an entrepreneurship program!

  • making personalized acrylic ornament shoutouts at my gym's hosting meet!

    Please be sure to look for me at Maryland gymnastics meets near the shoutouts. I love using my love for making and crafting to raise money for gyms!

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  • Doing giants-my favorite skill!